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    Getting rid of Bed bugs is a job for a professional, and our Pest Control Saskatoon services are here to provide you a complete Bed bugs Control services for you and your family. Insects of all sorts, including Bed bugs, can infest a home to the level where they can compromise both health and safety of a household. Not only that the bedbugs carry numerous infectious bacteria, but they also make you restless at night when they feed your blood. We provide an effective Bed bugs Control Service, using methods and means that are safe both for you and your family.

    Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of people and animals while they sleep. They are easily moved from room to room on infested objects. Bed bugs control cannot easily climb metal or polished surfaces and cannot fly or jump.

    Adult Bed bugs can be as long as 10 mm. They have an oval, broad, flat body and a short, broad head. Adult Bed bugs are brown, but darken to a blood red color after feeding. Young Bed bugs are shaped like adults, but are smaller (1.5 mm long) and lighter in color. They also darken after feeding.

    Bed bug eggs are white, about one millimeter long, and are almost impossible to see on most surfaces. The female Bed bug lays at least 200 eggs in her lifetime, at a rate of about two to four each day. The eggs have a sticky coating and are laid in cracks and crevices, behind woodwork and other hidden locations. They usually hatch in 6 to 17 days.

    Bed bugs usually infest residential buildings, like homes and hotels. They can also get inside public places, spreading to new locations with great speed. Bed bugs are most common in facilities that have a lot of people, a lot of turnover, and close quarters. However, they can also come into your home if brought there. The most common places that can have bed bugs are hotels, hospitals, homeless shelters, college dorms, apartment complexes, business offices, cinemas, etc.

    Bed bugs usually hide in people’s clothes and bags, and that way, they can quickly spread to different buildings in a short amount of time. Bed bugs are unlikely to transmit diseases when they bite, but the bites are likely to cause a skin infection around the bite area. This results of excessive itching and scratching. It can be severe if you have any allergies therefore consulting family doctor is always advised.

    There are numerous reasons why you should opt for professional pest control company to perform the bedbug control in your house. First, using chemicals for bed bugs eradication that professionals normally use, as an amateur is dangerous. You could harm yourself and other people living in your house. Second, if the bed bugs control services is not performed by a qualified expert, the infestation can be even worse. Pest or Bed Bugs control services providers use quality substances and methods to remove pests properly, without putting you or your family in any danger. Pest or Bed Bugs control service technician will apply appropriate and effective measures to assure that you home remains free of pests.

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