• Pest Control: An Essential Control During Coronavirus Pandemic

  • Pest control plays a critical role to enable a business and organization to make safe products and then deliver it in safe hands. In this crucial time, it is a tough and difficult process. The owner of the building has to keep an eagle eye to continue business in this shuttered situation. Any carelessness and laziness make the situation unhandled at any point.

    Mishandling has no chance at any cost to affect the health of people. As it will become the main source of virus attack on a large scale. So it is necessary to prepare and pack the products in a safe and healthy environment.

    The result is obvious. We prevent many disease outbreaks and reduce the risk of pandemics. Now–a days, many businesses and organizations are facing global threats and economic crises under high pressure. The priority of us is to save our precious life but it is also necessary to run and maintain the economy at a certain level.

    It is not possible to shutter all the business but we can manage it under the specific rules and regulations to make healthy and safe products for our customers.

    Many kinds of pests present in Urban areas are vector carriers of many diseases. According to the research of WHO 30 important pathogenic bacteria and viruses that can be easily transmitted by pets and their eggs. As in this pandemic attack, the house and buildings provide a perfect and safe shelter and isolation especially when there is little or no more disturbance during the lockdown.

    Another example of a pest problem that can create a dangerous result is mosquitoes and ticks. During lockdown situations as people are not allowed to go and move out so to exercise and feel relaxation, they turn to their backyards but there is the risk of flies and mosquitoes. The mosquitoes and tick activity are increasing day by day which causes serious and panic diseases all over the world. The main diseases caused by mosquito bites are Lyme disease, rocky mountain, spotted fever, and encephalitis.

    Other types of pests such as termites and cockroaches can damage many parts of buildings and give them an ugly look. Once they enter your home they make nests and find food. Access to food storage is the main source to increase the number of pests rapidly. A health survey held by CEBR noticed that 70% of businesses are facing a big loss in just 5 countries. And they suffered a financial predicament during the pandemic attack.

    In closed buildings, pests play a crucial role in the health of staff and customers. It also creates stress and an annoying situation. There is a need to protect the buildings during lockdown for running an essential business. Now Action will play an important role to keep our buildings and ready to restart business in a healthy and pest-free environment. Every business service faces specific risks that influence the health of customers and staff and it also affects the reputational and financial tasks.


    Businesses must be aware of well-managed programs and projects and make sure to spend their money and time properly. They must know how to handle such pandemic situations. During this infestation they should adopt the following measures:

    • Monitoring of pests.
    • Alert of pest activity.
    • Make building pest proof.
    • Use nontoxic solutions.
    • Regular base maintains.

    Pests love to live in dark places such as cracks, drains, and sewers. You will prevent infestation by food sanitation practice. Always keep drains in good conditions to deny the gathering of food remains. Remove waste and rotten foods away from houses and dispose of them in proper ways. Reduce the ways of entrance the pests into the building by blocking and filling the unwanted space. Use LED insect light to trap insects and pheromone for invaders such as flies and bees.


    Some important reasons for pest control are as follows

    1-  Reduce the risks of diseases;

    There are a wide variety of pests found everywhere that is the major vector for various diseases. They easily contaminate our foods and spread disease through their bites. pest control is a better way to break the cycle of vector-borne diseases. This disease can range from simple mild’s to a serious condition that ultimately leads to hospitals. In some cases, deaths have also been shown. These diseases can be prevented by good pests managements

    2-Disrupts the pest breeding cycle:

    If the pest is left unthreaded the breeding cycle of most pests will be growing rapidly especially during the lockdown, increasing infestation ultimately enhances the chances of illness. For example, cockroaches live in favorable conditions for 15 days with high humidity and sufficient food supply. A single female cockroach can give birth to 400 insects in only 90 days. So powerful techniques should be applied to break their cycle.

    3-Reduce costs to businesses and organizations:

    In previous research, it has been shown that the economic cost of a pest infestation to businesses has great importance. The supply of food and its production is mainly affected by contamination and consumption by pests. In some areas, electrical damages by pests were also reported. In the current health issues, it is not easy to compromise the damage of infrastructure and societal assets which include commercial and residential property. Reducing or removing pest control service can give a rapid explosion of pest population which reduces the chance of illness.


    As the pests are always frustrating for us and a common factor for spreading diseases. A professional pest control service can provide pest control programs and plans that eradicate pests efficiently and protect the building and equipment and finally make your house a better shelter where you can feel relaxed and avoid the annoying situation by any means.

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